Dining In A Unique Restaurant in Amsterdam

De Kas Restaurant from the outside

Since we were already in Paris, I suggested to my husband that for his upcoming birthday we take a 2-day trip anywhere 3 or so hours away by rail from France’s capital. Almost immediately, he settled on Amsterdam, one of our favorite cities.
Interior of De Kas
We love the charm of Amsterdam’s gorgeous canals bordered by17th-century narrow brick houses, the astounding number of museums, and the friendliness of the Dutch. And we like trying the food there as well. For our first night we booked at De Kas, a stylish restaurant situated within what used to be a greenhouse built in the 1920s. Set amidst the green fields of a park, the tall, glass-framed structure was surrounded by an exquisite herb garden, while the interior, with its soaring glass ceiling and walls, took advantage of the structure’s brilliant light on a late summer evening. You could see the open kitchen from the large dining area and also a nursery where the restaurant grows its own produce. Talk about local!

Beet and Melon Salad
Plaice with Vegetables
We had the prix fixe dinner at 49.50 euros, including 3 appetizers, a main course, and dessert.  A colorful salad of red and golden beets plus melon, all tossed in a fresh watermelon sauce was one starter. Another was a fennel and orange salad tossed with two different types of mozzarella, and finally there were white asparagus topped with caramelized onions and thinly sliced ham. Lightly breaded plaice (a mild white fish) served with Italian black rice, julienned snow peas, and a fresh artichoke heart made up the entrée. A rhubarb compote served with pistachio sauce, and a garnish of white chocolate ice cream was the finishing touch. The presentations were lovely, but I did think the dishes could have used a bit more seasoning. (Truth be told, I was suffering from a cold, so my taste buds might have been off.)
Would I return? Absolutely!  The service was warm and friendly, the setting out of the ordinary, and the food unbelievably fresh. If you’re planning a trip to Amsterdam, put
De Kas on your list!
De Kas
Kamerlingh Onneslaan, 3
1097 DE Amsterdam
31-(0)20 462 45 62

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