Three Favorite Recipes for Labor Day Weekend

A few days ago I started thinking about what recipe I might post for Labor Day weekend cooks! Should I create a new glaze for ribs, try an unusual salsa for grilled fish, or invent a special dessert? True confession: between traveling to NY and Boston for short visits, and testing dishes for my new soup book, time ran out on me. So I decided to pick three of my best recipes from past postings to share instead. Each is one of my favorites and each is perfect for this long, end-of-summer holiday.

If you haven’t planned your Labor Day menus either, you can definitely rely on these trusted recipes!

Hamburgers with Mahon Cheese, Avocados, and Chipotle Mayo

The chili-scented burgers topped with avocados and Mahon cheese are served on buns slathered with quickly made chipotle mayo. I posted them for Fathers’ Day originally, but my husband would welcome them any day of the year!

Grilled Salmon with a Spicy Apricot Lime Glaze

The apricot and lime glazed salmon fillets which get a shot of heat from some Sriraccha are just as tempting. They are simple to assemble and need only a few minutes on the grill. Slightly charred on the outside with tender and moist flesh, they are a definite winner.

Blueberry Pan Cake with Lemon Crème Fraîche

And for dessert, the first thing that came to mind was a scrumptious blueberry cake served with lemon crème fraîche. Blueberries seem to float suspended in this exceptionally tender cake which serves 12 easily! A friend, shared the recipe, saying that was always a hit with her family, Now it’s one with mine too.




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2 thoughts on “Three Favorite Recipes for Labor Day Weekend

  1. I am pleased to have found your web site. Will be looking forward to checking out your recipes. One of my friends shared one of your recipes with me years ago. It is for your black bean, avocado and tomato salad. When I make it, I serve it as a dip at family functions. It is always a big hit. If you want, I can send the recipe back to you! (I didn’t see it on your web site…)

    • Thanks so much for your nice note. I’m so pleased that you like that salad. It’s a recipe from my book The Big Book of Backyard Cooking and I know it well. I have the recipe but because of your enthusiastic note, maybe I should think of using it with grilled chicken or shrimp for one of my summer blog posts!

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