Popcorn Possibilities for Oscar Night!

Oscar Popcorn 1For as long as I can remember (since I was 9 and was allowed to stay up past my bedtime!), I’ve been in front of the television on Oscar night!. And when the 88th Academy Awards Show gets underway this Sunday, I plan to continue the tradition. From the red-carpet segment to the sign-off several hours later, I’ll be glued to the screen and cheering for my favorites. Even though critics seem to be favoring “The Revenant,” either “Spotlight” or “The Big Short” are my choices for best picture.

No Oscar night would be complete without popcorn. Can you imagine watching the awards without a bowl of America’s favorite movie food at your side? If you want to get creative with those popped kernels, here are a few easy and tempting ways to season them.

  1. Melted unsalted butter, finely grated Parmesan, and sea salt
  2. Melted unsalted butter, sea salt, and coarsely ground black pepper
  3. Olive oil, crushed dried rosemary, and sea salt
  4. Truffle oil (this is a slight extravagance, but so good!) and sea salt

Use as much or as little of the ingredients as you like, tossing the popcorn until you are pleased with the balance of flavors.

If you want a printable ballot to compare your choices to the Academy’s you’ll find one here.





Chili–Perfect for Oscar NIght

Spicy Chipotle Chili 2This past week at my annual winter soups cooking class, the enthusiastic students managed to down three main course potages along with a basket of warm breads and a colorful salad. The menu included a pureed tomato and garlic soup served with Gorgonzola brushette, a hearty French smoked sausage and vegetable mélange, and a spicy chicken, black bean, and chipotle chili. Although the class declared all delicious, it was the chili that drew them back for seconds and even thirds. At the end of the night, I asked the group if they would use these recipes in the days ahead. “Yes,” they answered, “for Oscar Night this Sunday!” “Which one?” I asked. “That spicy chili,” they replied.

It didn’t take long for me to decide to share this special recipe with readers since the Academy Awards are this Sunday night. (Get your ballots out.) Made with diced white Continue reading