Ottolenghi in London- Sublime Food in England’s Capital

Interior of Ottolenghi
Some of you may remember that I featured the gorgeous vegetarian cookbook, Plenty written by Jotam Ottolenghi, on my website a few months back. The author is also the owner of four glorious take-out food shops in London. One of these stores also functions as a restaurant. Like the others, it is named for its founder.
Imagine then where I wanted to eat when my husband and I had the chance to go to London for several days this week. As soon as our plans were set, I Skyped to make a reservation at the Islington eatery. Although the book features strictly vegetable fare, the menu includes meats as well.
This shop cum restaurant was awash in white. The walls, outside and inside, most of the chairs, the tables, the dishes are a pristine hue. And, after sampling the vibrantly colored and richly textured foods, it was clear that this crisp whiteness served as a canvas for the chef’s artistic creations.

Roasted Eggplant, Turmeric-Scented Yogurt, Pomegranate Seeds
The delectable menu features small plate servings perfect for “grazing” a variety of dishes. I savored every single bite, starting with roasted eggplant topped with turmeric-scented yogurt and pomegranate seeds, and then a chili-infused beet, blood orange, and walnut salad. Next came tea-smoked lamb chops and pan-fried duck with tamarind-spiced red cabbage. Desserts included a celestial apple and sultana cake topped with maple cream plus a dense chocolate cake with a center of mascarpone and Bailey’s Irish Cream.
Dessert Window at Ottolenghi
If you have plans to be in London, be sure to include Ottolenghi on your “must do” list. The prices are reasonable, and the staff exceptionally friendly and helpful.
287 Upper Street
London N1 2TZ
(44-20) 7288 – 1454

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