Soup Nights (Rizzoli 2016) includes over 100 recipes for fabulous sops and sides. There are soups for every palate: some are perfect for faithful vegetarians, others focus on fish (bouillabaisse and gumbo), and many highlight nutrient-rich beans and grains (barley, quinoa, lentils and beans of varying hues). You’ll also find hearty, richly flavored options, such as classic onion soup gratiné to counter weather’s chill, as well as cooler choices, like an icy cucumber Vichyssoise, for sweltering days.

Though we might wish to, one cannot live by soup alone. So, this book also includes recipes for fresh seasonal salads and inventive sandwiches—natural partners for soups—as well as for delectable desserts. Carefully crafted to pair with the soups in this collection, these side dishes will help round out your meal’s soup star. Soup Nights is available at book stores and online at  Amazon

Sunday Casseroles Cover 1


Sunday Casseroles (Chronicle Books 2014) is the latest of the Sunday series books! It features 60 mouthwatering casseroles prepared with fresh ingredients. You won’t find any canned soups in the ingredients’ lists for these special recipes! Every dish is designed to llook as enticing as it tastes from beautiful Sea Scallops Nestled in Piperade to the creamy Baked “Risotto” with its colorful chunks of butternut squash and prosciuttto, and Cider Baked Pork, Red Cabbage, and Apples. Available in local bookstores and online at Chronicle Books.


Sunday Brunch, published in June 2012, by Chronicle books puts a mouthwatering array of early morning dishes at your fingertips from tempting egg dishes and griddled fare to muffins, scones, tender biscuits, breakfast sides and much more. Check your local book store and also

Sunday Roasts
was published September 2011 by Chronicle Books, and features a year’s worth of recipes, from old-fashioned pot roasts to glorious turkeys and legs of lamb. At stores and



Sunday Soup, published Fall 2008 by Chronicle Books, has been a best seller. There are recipes for mouthwatering soups to enjoy every season of the year. The book is available at local bookstores, Crate and Barrel, and at

Coffee has exquisite photographs and delectable recipes for both coffee beverages and sweet confections made with coffee. Published in 2006 by Chronicle Books, it’s available at

Waffles, published in 2005 by Chronicle Books, is out of print.



The Big Book of Backyard Cooking, published by Chronicle Books in 2004, is out of print, but copies are often available at  It has more than 250 delicious recipes for outdoor eating and entertaining.

Weekends with Friends, which was part of the great Williams Sonoma books, is also out of print. This one might be harder to find, but try or Jessica’s Biscuit at

American Favorites was published in 2004 by Chronicle Books, this book is out of print, but search for copies at

First Impressions, which caterers love to use, is also out of print. It might be hard to find, but try or Jessica’s Biscuit at for copies.

Betty Rosbottom’s Cooking School Cookbook from Betty’s nationally recognized cooking school in Columbus, Ohio includes the famous Chocolate Ribbon Cake. It is out of print, but you can often find a vintage copy through or Jessica’s Biscuit at



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  3. Omg I have found my inspiration! I bought my first copy of “First Impressions” over 25 years ago in Jackson Ms and just bought my 5th copy last week on Amazon. I recently moved to Plattsburgh ny from the Deep South where I had a catering business for 25 years. Have been “on the road” for the last 10 years working for various companies such as Chartwells as Director of catering at UNC Asheville and now at SUNY Plattsburgh. Your recipes have consistently been my favorites and the favorites of the many people I have had the pleasure to feed and entertain. To think that I can drive down to albany and actually meet you–wish your class in November wasn’t full but I will call tomorrow to be put on waiting list. Really Betty, I would rather meet you than Alice Waters! I’m really not a nutty woman, but I just can’t tell you how I have cooked almost every recipe in that book with Roast Filet with Mediterranean Relish and Cranberry Chutney being my all time favorites. I substitute pork tenderloin for beef all the time. I look forward to attending a class as soon as I can znd thank you for being such an inspiration to me! Chris Jarreau–

    • Hi Christine,
      Thank you so much for such a wonderful note. It made my day! Nothing makes me love my work more than learning that my recipes are being used and enjoyed, and you obviously have been trying mine for quite a few years. I teach in the Northampton Different Drummer’s (haven’t made it to the Albany one yet!) and would love to meet you if you have a chance to travel this far east for a class. So glad you signed up for my blog and hope you’ll find many recipes on it to try! Please keep in touch.

  4. Happy ‘almost’ Spring! Just wanted to say how much I love your Sunday Soup Cookbook. Over the last week, I’ve made Celery Bisque twice, Spring Pea Soup once, and today I made Cream of Curry. Everyone in Columbus who has been lunching at the Tea House is loving your recipes! Saturday I’m making Emily’s Salmon Chowder…and Sunday it will be Heavenly Asparagus. Just thought I should share this with you!

    • Thanks so much, Mary, for your lovely note.Nothing makes me happier as a food writer than to hear that people are making my recipes, and you win the jackpot for making the most in the shortest period of time. FYI I am working on a new book (tentatively titled Soup Nights) which will have recipes for soups, salads, sandwiches, and very simple desserts!

  5. Question about the Sunday Soup book : I made the tomato/dill soup. Is it a typo to use 4 x 28 oz cans of tomatoes? I only used 3 of the 28 oz cans and felt like even that was too much. It said it was for 6 servings, and I feel like I have more than that with the 4 cans

    Love the melt in your mouth beef and barley and the almost 30 minute chickpea soup.



    • Hello Cyndy, Thanks for your note. I’m glad you are cooking from Sunday Soup. I checked the original copy of the recipe and yes, 4 28-oz cans of tomatoes is correct. I also went through the testers’ reviews which were very positive and they used this amount too. Everyone’s taste is different and if you think the soup would be better with less (like 2 cans) then you should definitely prepare it that way. (The yield will be less) Hope this helps and that you continue to enjoy my blog and Sunday Soup. Best Betty

  6. Its nice see your sunday casseroles on the book cart to be shelfed in the woodside library queens new York. Nice to meet you at the mid-manhattan library last year.

    • Thanks so much for your note. I’m thrilled to know that my book is in that Queens library. Hope you have a chance to check it out and try some recipes!

    • Here you go

      Elystan Street (in Chelsea on street of the same name–wonderful chef- Michelin star)
      Indian Accent (Mayfair–new modern, innovative Indian restaurant on Albermarle St-fabulous 55-pound prix fixe)
      Cafe Murano (Covent Garden Italian– booked for pre-theatre)
      Tom’s Kitchen (sister restaurant to Tom Aiken’s in Chelsea– not fancy but good well prepared British fare)
      Portland on Great Portland St (central London–great creative food and a Michelin star)
      Gymkhana (one of my fave Indian restaurants, also on Albermarle in Mayfair. had a Michelin star but very hard to get into for dinner. Better luck if you call rather than try to book online.
      Ottolenghi in Islington (I like this better than Yotam Ottolenghi’s more recent place, NOPI in Soho)
      Brown’s Hotel for tea

  7. Hello, Betty.

    My mother was an ardent devotee of your La Belle Pomme classes in Columbus, regularly treating our family to delicacies like Veal Prince Orloff. We dug out your croissant recipe last November but have since misplaced it. I bought the Cooking School Cookbook hoping to find it there but no luck. Any chance you will post it, or one like it, soon? Thanks!

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