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    • I am unsubscribing because I am no longer doing much cooking. I have thoroughly enjoyed your website, and the recipes. Thank you so much. Jean C.

  1. I had subscribed to your blog some weeks ago but never received emails saying there was a new blog posting…. when I saw you have a brand new blog I wasn’t sure my previous subscription request would transfer so I’ve subscribed again!

  2. Hi Betty,
    Have just pulled your Sunday Soup book out – ( just starting to think of soup again in the southern hemisphere) and was reminded, as I flicked through its pages, of how much I have enjoyed your recipes. Although slightly different terminology at times, most things are available. Haven’t made a dud yet! Thanks very much from Auckland.
    Kind regards,

  3. Love your ideas about food/life. Just noticed, though, that when I tried to copy a recipe into Word to print it, your green background becomes the background for the recipe and I couldn’t figure out how to make it white. At this rate, I’ll be using up quite a few color cartridges! No doubt it’ll be worth it, but perhaps there’s some other way to print the recipes out from your site?

    • Hi Sandra, I believe your problem with printing the recipes is a technical one that I can’t solve. However, your comment prompted me to ask my web designer to insert a “print” button that will make it easier for you to print my posts. It will be up and running in the near feature!

  4. Just discovered your website Betty, I have your cookbooks and have been making recipes from them for years! Congrats on the blog & web site! One of my all time favorites and most requested for me to bring to Thanksgiving & Christmas dinners are your Bourbon Carrots, now affectionately known as “Aunt Suzi’s bourbon carrots! I always give credit to your cookbook though! Happy Holidays to you and yours, thanks for all the fantastic food!

    • Thanks so much for your nice note. I love those bourbon carrots too and was so pleased to hear that they’re a family favorite. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

      • And, thank you for such a nice note. I hope you’ll enjoy the recipes on my blog My philosophy is the same as when I wrote the column–I try to create recipes that have a little twist but are still easy to make and filled with flavor!

  5. Hi Betty, I received the information about your website from Jim Boudros this afternoon when I asked him if he had any hotel recommendations in Paris. My husband and I had the glorious opportunity to live in the Marais (Village of St. Paul) 15 years ago. We spent 6 months roaming the streets and trying as many incredible restaurants as we could during those fabulous months! We haven’t been back since that time and are planning a 2 week vacation to Paris and Normandy in the fall. Incidentally, Carole Schuller spent a week playing with us at the time! My mouth was watering as I read through your restaurant recommendations ….can”t wait to visit as many as possible. My only predicament is coming up with a small french boutique hotel. Any suggestions would be most appreciated! Will you be in Paris in October? Perhaps I can bring you a little Columbus goodie bag if you are there!! Thank you for any suggestions…..your blog will be our bible as we set out on our revisit! Linda Barger

    • Hi Linda,
      Thanks so much for your note and for signing up for my blog. I’m glad you had a chance to check out my Paris page. How special that you are returning to Paris after such a long time. Although we (my husband and moi) come for long visits and rent an apt, I do have a few places I could recommend.
      We mainly stay on the Left Bank in the 6th or 7th so here are some hotels in that area:

      Hotel St Gregoire– on rue l’Abbe St Gregoire (rooms are very small but tasteful and location is great)
      Hotel Montalembert-near Blvd St Germain (I’ve not stayed there but my friends who have really like it)
      Hotel des St Peres-rue des St Peres Friends of ours just stayed here and really were pleased, but the rooms are very small.

      And, you might check the site

      I love this site because it specializes in mostly luxury boutique hotels and often has very good prices.You’ll want to click on “Paris” tab to see their offerings. Hope this helps!! Best, Betty

    • Thank you so very much for your response.I will looking into your recommendations today and will continue to follow your blog for your great tips! Linda Barger

  6. Hi Betty, We are all set for our trip to Paris next month and I wonder if I could impose on your kindness with a few restaurant suggestions. We lived in Paris for 6 months 15 years ago but I know much has changed since then. We lived in the Marais, are very fond of shell fish and cassoulet but would be up for anything. Thank you , in advance, for your help! Linda Barger

  7. Betty, We met several years ago in Columbus, OH at your Cooking School and Columbus Trust Company. Remembering when you visited there with your mother about 1979-80. My husband and I moved shortly after. Have been cooking from your first cookbook for years and have now discovered your website and just ordered your latest cookbook! What fun. I always make one of your recipes when we meet new friends as they then think I am GREAT. Also, for last 10 years we have become visitors of different areas of France. More Later.

    • Thanks so much for your note. So pleased you subscribed to my blog and hope you’ll enjoy the stories and the recipes. I’m always so thrilled to hear that readers are cooking from my books. The new Sunday Casseroles has some great recipes for sharing with friends.

  8. Betty,
    Loved reading the article in today’s Dispatch. Brought back memories of all of the wonderful times in many, many classes and locations. Our whole family was just together for spring break and one night over dinner we talked about you and your recipes and your schools and the smell of bacon! We all have fond thoughts. Hope to see you soon. Carole

    • Carole, Thanks so much for your note. I was thrilled with the article and was reminded of how special student like you were. Hope your family is well. I’m working on a new soup book and hope to be in Columbus with it in fall of 2016!

  9. Hello Betty, It was so special to see the article in the most recent Columbus Dispatch. Just wanted to share with you, that I first took classes from you at the “Black Horse Inn” location, then on to Lazarus downtown. As a result of a class that 4 friends and I took there, we have had a “Dinner Club” group of 5 couples for 25 years, meeting every 2 to 3 months, here in Upper Arlington. We revisit recipes from classes and cookbooks to plan our meals.You have not only given us ideas for menus and ideas, but, have trained us in techniques and the love of cooking. Thank you so very much. We would love to keep in touch with you and your “roots” here, to be up to date on the latest cooking ideas and trends. Thanks so much. Lesley

    • Dear Lesley,
      I can’t tell you how much I was touched by your note. Every teacher (especially those of us who teach cooking) loves to hear that students use and enjoy the recipes that have been taught. It sounds like you have a wonderful dinner group and that food is the bond you all share. Please do stay in touch with me, especially via my blog. I post recipes about every week or 10 days and also write about my food travels. Please give my best to all of the members of your dining group!

  10. I love Betty and have nearly all her cookbooks. Her recipes are always easy to make and really, really good.
    I unsubscribed to the blog because I just didn’t find the content useful enough. I always want something to do and the blog didn’t give me enough of that.
    But…I will still buy Betty’s cookbooks!

    • I am so sorry you are note receiving them. If you send your email address to me at I will check to see if your name comes up on the subscribers list, and if not, I’ll re-subscribe you. In the meantime you can go to and see the current post and scroll down to see others.
      Stay well and safe. Warmly, Betty

  11. I am a new-bee to your posts. Just heard about you from a friend who posted a delicious dish from your book.

  12. Betty I was on your blog but for some reason not recently. I submitted my email again. Love your inspiration!


  13. I was on your blog but for some reason not recently . I am sendinng my email again. You are an inspiration to me in trying new ideas. Sue

    • Hi Sue,
      Thanks for your note. Several people have told me they are not receiving my blog posts. I’ve found that If I unsubscribe them and then resubscribe them that helps so I’ll do that using your email. I just sent out a new post today so if you could let me know you got it or not, that would help. Stay safe and well.

  14. Betty–thanks to Amy Goldstein–I found your blog. What a wonderful find. I took a class from your original La Belle Pomme in 1980-1981 and have been a fan every since.

    Thanks for the inspiration! Your section on Paris makes me want to visit again and check out your favorite spots– so hope that can happen for everyone sooner than later.

    Marilyn Vutech

    • Hi Marilyn,
      Thanks so much for your kind note. I’m so glad you were able to find my blog through Amy. Bless Amy for being so generous and sharing my blog posts with others.
      I’m so pleased that you like the Paris page on my site. I love updating it every time we go, which is usually a couple of months during the year. We had to cancel
      our March trip this spring because of the coronavirus. We were lucky that we didn’t get stuck there and were home in New England.
      I’m so glad to be in touch, and hope you’ll enjoy my posts. Stay safe and well. Betty

  15. I love getting your emails. As I was going through recipes today, I realized I haven’t gotten anything for sometime. I resubscribed but got a message that the address was already on the list. Is this is a problem with your site?

    Thank you

    • Mary,
      Thank you for this note. You are one of many people who have written me recently that even though they are on the mailing list, they are not receiving my blog email posts. Sometimes, they find the emails in their spam or junk folders so you might try looking for them there. Sometimes re-subscribing as you did has fixed the problem. I have talked to my web designer about this and am hopeful he can fix it. Meanwhile, I post about every two weeks, and a stop gap measure would be to check in at and see the newest post. I apologize for this inconvenience and hope you’ll let me know if you do (or don’t) get future emails.
      Warmly, Betty

  16. I have tried to re-subscribe a couple of times and I never seem to receive your newsletter anymore. We just returned from a two week stay in the Normandy/Brittany area and I was thinking of you and all of your wonderful recipes. So here is hoping I’ll be on the list.

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