Magnolia Bakery, New York, NY

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Rockette Cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery

On visits to The Big Apple, I often feel in need of an afternoon treat to pick me up. So, I head for Magnolia Bakery. Founded in 1996 in Greenwich Village, this bakery (now with multiple stores) showcases American baked goods, hand crafted and made fresh daily. There are luscious pies and cakes, sheets of cookies and bars, and much more to satisfy sweet cravings. I can’t resist their cupcakes! You can choose from a wide variety, including caramel, devil’s food, lemon, banana, vanilla, and chocolate to list just a few. Continue reading

Hungry Ghost Bread, Northampton, MA

Hungry Ghost Bread 62 State Street, Northampton, MA

Although there are many bakeries that offer fine breads in Western Massachusetts where I live, one in particular stands out for its excellent artisanal loaves. Hungry Ghost Bread is not a fancy place. It is housed in a small brick bungalow set atop a hill with vines covering most of the façade including a sign with the shop’s name. Inside much of the space is given over to a large, dome-shaped oven with the remaining area modestly set up for sales. But, what comes out of that oven is outstanding. The organic breads, shaped by hand and baked in small batches in a wood-fired brick oven, have beautiful crusts and textures. Continue reading