Fishs Eddy, New York, NY

Fishs Eddy 889 Broadway at 19th Street, New York, New York 10003, 877-347-4733

I rarely go downtown in Manhattan without making a stop at Fishs Eddy. This funky store near Gramercy Park sells dishes, flatware, mugs, platters, glasses, and a host of other items, all displayed from floor to ceiling in a relatively small space. This unique emporium, started 25 years ago and named after a small town in New York State, offers an array of tempting merchandise at affordable prices. Some wares are seconds or discontinued, others are custom, but all are distinctive, fun, and playful.

I love their cake stands, their colorful dishes, their polka dot glasses, and their serving platters. Even my husband, a “non-shopper,” finds things of interest. Stemless wine glasses were his latest purchase. As an amateur prop stylist (that’s the person who selects the dishes and other props for food shots), I almost always leave Fishs Eddy with a treasure or two for future photos.

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