New York’s Telepan Restaurant—Still Fabulous!

Interior views – Telepan Restaurant

 When I’m in New York I get so caught up trying the newest restaurants that I often forget about places that have provided me with memorable meals in the past. Last weekend in the Big Apple for a short visit, I couldn’t wait to meet a friend for lunch at a hot new Soho spot, but for dinner I opted for Telepan, a restaurant that had pleased me on several earlier visits with its inventive and delectable fare.
Chef Bill Telepan
 The first time I dined at Telepan (named after Bill Telepan, the talented chef and owner) was in 2006. I still remember the meal: the waiter arriving with a basket of warm breads, a velvety butternut squash soup sprinkled with parsley and walnuts, beautifully cooked quail in a dried fruit sauce, and a superb quince granità layered with whipped cream, almonds, and prosecco. All the food was prepared with excellent ingredients and served in an unpretentious setting. I made one more visit after that one, but did not return for a few years.
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Ladurée comes to New York City!

Photograph by Stephen Carlile
One of Paris’ oldest and most famous pastry shops is opening its first U.S. outpost in New York this month. Ladurée, founded in 1862 and celebrated for its macarons (those ethereally light meringue-like cookies made with egg whites, ground almonds, and sugar), is due to open, according to its website, on August 27th at 864 Madison Avenue. Ladurée shops span the globe now and can be found in England, Japan, Turkey, Italy Ireland, and other distant locales.
Photograph by suziedepingu
A longtime fan of their elegant Parisian boutiques with the pastel-colored walls and exquisite packaging, I adore not only their macarons, but their other confections as well. Now I can indulge on this side of the Atlantic. Laduree is credited with inventing the double decker macaron available in a variety of tempting flavors and sandwiched together with ganache or butter cream. You’ll find their chocolates, pastries, and cakes just as tempting. (I once bought a lime- and ginger-scented mille feuille at their store on the rue Bonaparte in Paris and spent weeks in vain trying to figure out how to reproduce it!)  
At the beginning of this week, I went by the Madison Avenue store hoping that it might have opened early. There was still a lot of work to be finished, so I’d recommend checking their website before making a trip. (Please note that the site is in French. Cick on “Les Maisons Ladurée” on top tab, then on “Dans le Monde,” and finally on “Etats-unis,” and you’ll see the date in French which is easy to read.) I definitely plan to go back on my next visit to the Big Apple this fall.
864 Madison Avenue (between 70th and 71st)
New York, New York