Welcome to my blog. Let me introduce myself. I’m Betty Rosbottom, a long time member of the food world (as a teacher, writer, cookbook author), and I’m thrilled to be launching my first post.   
I hope to give you some “behind the scenes” details about life as a professional cook on my blog. I  also have a brand new website up at the old address: www.bettyrosbottom.com where you’ll find my newest recipes plus favorite ones from my archives. On that site, the little yellow cook icon will appear on every page as your one-click link to this blog which I will update frequently.

 I do want to keep in closer touch with my readers and to get to know the younger generation who are just as fascinated with food as I am, so here goes! 

Thanks for visiting.  Betty  

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5 thoughts on “WELCOME READERS

  1. What a great discovery! I have been frantically searching my house tonight for my copy of the Cooking School Cookbook from which my entire thanksgiving meal has been made for nearly15 years. With no luck, I tried to find some of the recipes online and found your site and this blog! Just ordered a replacement copy of the book on Amazon. Whew! My 15 year old has loved the Bourbon carrots since she was at least 5 years old. My 19 year old, having grown up on your recipes and other culinary delights is studying culinary science and restaurant management. You continue to teach! Looking forward to reading you posts and getting more of your cookbooks!

    Sincerely grateful,

  2. i am so chuffed to have found your blog! i think i must have grown up reading your columns in the LA times? i’m not sure… all i know is, i recognize your name as being the creator of some of my favorite recipes from when i was growing up. saw your name again on an epicurious.com recipe and thought, huh, i wonder if she’s on the ‘net! very glad to see that you are. i didn’t know about your cookbooks, and i think now i’m going to have to buy a few. 🙂

  3. Hi, I found you through imagenewmedia, and glad I did. As an avowed “foodie” and Francophile, I look forward to your future posts. In fact, I have an open house (for my shop-Bliss Farm Antiques) and I think I will use the goat cheese and grapes recipe. Thanks,

    Bliss Farm Antiques

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