Pinkberry Yogurt, Boston, MA

Pinkberry Yogurt, The Shops at the Prudential Center, 800 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02199, 617-236-2294

Recently while walking through Boston’s Prudential Center in the heart of the city, I noticed a yogurt stand with a good number of people waiting to buy some. I figured a long line meant good yoghurt, so I joined the queue. Then I saw the name, Pinkberry, emblazoned in big modern lights. Somewhere in the recesses of my over-crowded brain, this name registered. Then I recalled that this was a California chain getting a lot of buzz for its creamy original yogurt with a slightly tangy/ sweet taste.

Besides its signature original flavor, there are seasonal favorites such as mango, watermelon, chocolate, and coconut. PB and J is a new offering featured on its website. In addition to the delectable yogurts, there are more than 30 toppings available, including fresh fruit and a host of nuts and other unusual sprinkles. I ordered a mini-cup in the original flavor showered with nuts. Indeed, the original has an unexpected, slightly tart yet sweet taste that I found irresistible. I was also pleased to learn that 1/2 cup of the original yogurt is only 100 calories and fat free. Most of their other flavors are fat free or low fat so you can indulge without guilt!

Pinkberry opened its first shop in southern California in 2005 and has been expanding nationally and internationally since. The storefronts have a chic, polished look with furniture by Philippe Stark: a cool interior for a cool treat!

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