Pinkberry Yogurt, Boston, MA

Pinkberry Yogurt, The Shops at the Prudential Center, 800 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02199, 617-236-2294

Recently while walking through Boston’s Prudential Center in the heart of the city, I noticed a yogurt stand with a good number of people waiting to buy some. I figured a long line meant good yoghurt, so I joined the queue. Then I saw the name, Pinkberry, emblazoned in big modern lights. Somewhere in the recesses of my over-crowded brain, this name registered. Then I recalled that this was a California chain getting a lot of buzz for its creamy original yogurt with a slightly tangy/ sweet taste. Continue reading

Hungry Mother, Cambridge, MA

Hungry Mother 233 Cardinal Medeiros Avenue, Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA 617-499-0090

Potato Gnocchi with Mushrooms and Pea Shoots at Hungry Mother

Hungry Mother in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is a restaurant I could return to week after week, for I know that I would never tire of the food. How to describe the cuisine and the rich menu? It has strong Southern country roots with sophisticated and original touches. Full disclosure: I was born and bred in Memphis, so soul food is in my DNA! Hungry Mother (the name of a state park in southern Virginia, the home state of talented chef, Barry Maiden) offers some of the most creative, enticing fare on either side of the Mason Dixon line. Continue reading