Cypress Grove Chèvre – Humbolt Fog!

I am a chèvre aficionado. When a cheese cart or tray comes around, I’ll always pick the goat cheese. In France where I spend part of every year, I’ve tried varieties in every size and shape and indulged in fresh as well as aged cheeses. Some have been covered in herbs or ash while others have been wrapped in leaves. All have brought joy to my palate. But France isn’t the only place where superb goat cheese is produced. An American goat cheese called Humboldt Fog, made by Cypress Grove Chèvre, is my favorite. It’s creamy and soft, with a beautifully balanced, tangy flavor. Each wheel features a ribbon of edible vegetable ash that runs through its center, and a coating of ash under its exterior. You can spread this incredible cheese on baguette slices or offer it with pear or apple wedges. Try it as an appetizer or use it as a cheese course. Either way, someone is sure to ask you, “Where did you find this sublime cheese?”
For more information about this award-winning goat cheese, you can check out www.cypressgrovechè

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