Borough Market London, East London, England

Borough Market London East London, England (near London Bridge on the south bank of the Thames Underground Station)

Located in east London near London Bridge, Borough Market is celebrated not only for its exceptional British food products, but for an array of international items as well. This lively market, with its long history dating back to the 18th century, is open three days a week—Thursday, Friday, and Saturday—and boasts teeming crowds of both Londoners and visitors from around the globe.

On a Saturday afternoon visit, I stopped to watch an oyster man open fresh bivalves, bought exquisite yogurt from a French dairy producer, looked on as a man stirred shredded duck for sandwiches in a huge paella skillet, and purchased a gorgeous wedge of cheddar veined with a streak of blue from a Somerset cheese merchant. And that’s just a fraction of what there is to do and see in this vast market. In addition to the fresh produce stalls, the bakeries and patisseries, the dairy stands, the wine and beer shops, there are cafes, bars, and restaurants.

Try not to miss this market on your next visit to England’s capital. It’s a must for food lovers!

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