Blauw, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Blauw Amstelveenseweg 158-160, Amsterdam 1075 XN, The Netherlands, 020 – 675 50 00

Rijstaffel at Blauw in Amsterdam

I’ve been to Amsterdam at least a half dozen times, and although the Dutch capital now has a cornucopia of note-worthy Dutch and ethnic restaurants, I always opt for Indonesian fare. My husband and I adore rijstaffel (that translates as rice table), a spread of Indonesian dishes all served with rice. During a brief two-day visit last month, we went with several friends to a new Indonesian place called Blauw.

There were six of us and everyone declared that this was one of the most bountiful and delicious  we had tried. Once our meal arrived, we counted over 35 petit dishes in front of us, each beautifully prepared. There were satays, exquisite vegetable dishes, rice cooked in coconut, and much more to savor. Located near the famous Vondel Park, Blauw is tastefully decorated, has a hip vibe, and boasts a wait staff that is friendly and helpful. We ordered 5 rifstaffels for 6 people, along with beer and wine (but no coffee or tea), and the bill came to about 45 euros a person. This place is definitely worth a detour.

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