Roasting Fish Deliciously in a Breton Way

Roast Salmon with Pernod and Creme Fraiche 1 1799x1366This summer while my family spent ten days in Brittany, I was lucky enough to meet a Breton woman named Manou Gorin. the contact person for the house we had rented. Trim, petite, and charming, this grand’mère (French grandmother) became an instant friend when we discovered that we shared a love of cooking. She brought us treats such as coconut crème caramel as well as crêpes with salted caramel sauce, and gladly shared some of her Breton recipes. One in particular, for lobsters roasted with Pernod and crème fraîche, caught my attention.

She explained that she halved the shellfish (while alive!), and arranged the halves on a baking sheet. The lobsters were topped with pats of butter, sprinkled with cayenne, and then roasted in a very hot oven. Finishing touches included pouring a little flamed Pernod (an anise-scented liqueur) over the fish, then topping them with small dollops of crème fraîche. I couldn’t bring myself to do in lobsters by plunging a knife into them, so I substituted thick salmon fillets instead, and loved the results.

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4 thoughts on “Roasting Fish Deliciously in a Breton Way

  1. I think I’ll try this with monkfish, which is sustainable and often suggested as a lobster substitute, similar in flavor! I steam lobsters often during the summer, but I wouldn’t be able to use the Breton approach to cooking them, either!

    • Hi Karen, I think monkfish would work well and would love to know how it turns out. I used cod fillet and also hake in place of the salmon this summer and both were deliciousl. I’ve made the recipe a ton of times because it’s so easy. Be sure to spoon the pan juices onto the roasted fish as they add extra flavor!

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