A Delicious Late Summer Salad

After Labor Day, many think of Summer as having ended, but Fall doesn’t start officially for a few more weeks.  At my local farmers’ market, there’s still an array of summer crops, including melons, vibrantly hued tomatoes, and plenty of fresh herbs, Recently, I used some of these late season beauties to create a salad of cantaloupe, cherry tomatoes, and feta tossed in a fennel seed vinaigrette.

This dish is simplicity itself. You need only to dice the melon, halve the Continue reading

A Fresh Market Salad for Hot Summer Days

Summer Market Salad 1 1824x1368 1824x1368 1824x1368 In Brittany a few weeks ago, my husband and I had just finished gazing at a sweeping view of the Atlantic Ocean from Cap Fréhel (one of the most visited and certainly one of the most gorgeous sites in that region of France) and wanted to have lunch. If we had blinked our eyes as we drove down a narrow country road, we would have missed La Ribote, a small (think 25 seats) restaurant. The menu announced that the cuisine was prepared with local ingredients, and even listed the names of their suppliers, including fisheries and farms. The single waitress waltzed through the room carrying platters of mussels and oysters, but it was the large bowls mounded high with an incredible salad that caught my eye. Continue reading