Sweet Confections for Super Bowl Bashes

Lime Ginger Cream Cheese Bars 1 3383x2728Here in New England, everyone is gearing up for Super Bowl XLIX, cheering for the Pats (and hoping that Deflategate will soon be resolved!) Like many, I’m planning on making a big pot of chili this Sunday to stave off the frigid temperatures of the last few days, but I’m far more excited about the scrumptious Lime and Ginger Cream Cheese Bars that will end the menu.

Simple, quick, and addictive, they are prepared with a crust of ground ginger snaps, sugar, and melted butter, all combined and packed onto the bottom of a baking pan. The creamy filling is made with a cheesecake-style batter enhanced with bits of crystallized ginger and a robust accent of lime. The batter is baked until set, then cooled and chilled before it is cut into bars, so you can definitely prepare this dessert in advance. I created this recipe quite a few years ago, but recently updated it for my blog.

These slim bars are only about an inch high, but are packed with flavor. You can garnish Continue reading

Chili That’s A Winner for Super Bowl Sunday

Spicy Chili with a Cornbread Crust 1My grown son, Mike, makes fun of me because I am not “au courant” when it comes to sports, and in particular when the subject is pro football. While he can name every team in the NFC and the AFC, their wins and losses for the past season, and most of their players, I’m still trying to figure out who’s going to the Super Bowl!
What I do have, though, is a stash of recipes perfect for when my offspring wants to cook for his pals on Super Bowl Sunday. This year I’ve suggested a spicy chili with big robust flavors that easily and inexpensively will feed a crowd. Continue reading