ABC Kitchen

ABC Kitchen 35 East 18th Street (between Broadway and Park Ave.) New York, New York 100003 212-475-5829

I have long been a fan of Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s restaurants, and his newest venture, ABC Kitchen, in the Flat Iron area of Manhattan, did not disappoint. Located in the well-known ABC Carpet and Home store, the restaurant is led by Chef Dan Kluger. The emphasis is on locally sourced and organic ingredients with items like delectable Kabocha squash (a sweet, orange-fleshed autumn variety) fresh ricotta and buffalo mozzarella cheeses, and finely cured meats as star attractions.

I went for brunch with friends, one of whom was a young Amherst alum making her way in the food world in The Big Apple. She had been to the restaurant so often that she suggested what we order. The crab toasts with drops of lemon aioli, the roasted kabocha squash toasts with fresh ricotta and apple cider vinegar, and the roasted heirloom carrot and avocado salad were all winners. The chef’s rendering of classic Eggs Benedict was elevated to new heights with the addition of Flying Pigs Farm ham. We ended our meal with French Toasts with Roasted Apples, again an original interpretation of a classic.

The fairly large room is done up in neutral tones with wooden accents with a bar along one side. The ambience is casual and welcoming as is the staff. Now I can’t wait to go back for dinner.

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