St Germain- A French Liqueur

St Germain, a delicious French liqueur scented with elderflowers, is a new discovery for me, but I am already a huge fan. I learned about it from friends in Paris who explained that when combined with champagne, St Germain adds an amazing fresh, floral note to a glass of bubbly. St Germain (that’s the brand name) comes in tall, sleek bottles and is available on this side of the Atlantic too. I had no trouble finding it in my local spirits store. My large bottle was about $37, but small nip-size ones are sometimes available and cost less. Since May is definitely a month of celebrations—graduations, Mother’s Day, spring Continue reading

Warm Mulled Cider with Butter, Brown Sugar, and Spices

This is a newer version of a recipe that appeared in Betty Rosbottom’s Cooking School Cookbook. This fragrant brew takes only minutes to prepare and is assembled by simmering fresh cider with melted butter, brown sugar, and spices. Dark rum and sliced apples and oranges round out the flavorings.
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