Happy 2021

In case you’d like to add even more sparkle to your flutes of champagne on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day, here are two ways to put pizzazz in your bubbly.

You can add some St Germain,  a French liqueur made from elderflowers, to champagne or enhance it with with fresh raspberries smashed with sugar. Either way will turn a simple glass of champagne into something extra special!

Thanks to all of you who have followed by blog during this challenging year. I wish everyone a healthy, safe, and joyous New Year. May 2021 be a return to normalcy when we can give hugs to all, invite friends to our homes, and travel far and wide.  And, may we always be grateful for and share our blessings with others.


Semilla—A Favorite Restaurant on Paris’ Left Bank

Interior Semilla

Interior Semilla

Semilla Kitchen Team

Semilla Kitchen Team

The French have an original expression for describing restaurants they are particularly fond of. They call them coups de coeur–heartthrobs. Paris by Mouth (a site I use repeatedly when in the City of Light for terrific restaurant, wine, and pastry reviews) even goes so far as to put a bright pink heart by the names of establishments they deem worthy of this honor. Semilla, a popular eatery located in the St Germain area on the Left Bank is my newest heartthrob. (It’s also the recipient of one of those little pink hearts from Paris by Mouth!).

My husband and I have dined in this lively bistro four times this year, twice during our Continue reading

Champagne with a Twist!

A couple of years ago while my husband and I were in Paris, two of my spouse’s former Amherst students, who live and work in the City of Light, invited us for drinks and appetizers. They set out a luscious block of foie gras with a basket of crispy baguette slices along with bowls of olives and cornichons, but the attraction of the evening was the champagne drink they served.

Ardent foodies, they offered us coupes de champagne avec St. Germain. They were certain that I would be familiar with the fragrant elderflower liqueur known as St. Germain. Mais non! This was my first experience, I confessed, and after one sip of champagne paired with St. Germain, I was in heaven.

This clear, aromatic liqueur adds an amazingly fresh, floral note to a glass of bubbly. St Germain (that’s the brand name) comes in tall, sleek bottles, and is available on this side of the Atlantic in wine and spirits stores. I had no trouble finding it in my small New England town in both large bottles and nip-sized ones.

Photo by Susie Cushner

With Christmas and New Year’s Eve almost here, I thought that my readers might like to add a little extra sparkle to their flutes of champagne. Here are two recipes to get you started. Also check out www.stgermain.fr for more recipes.

Cheers and happy holidays to everyone!



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St Germain- A French Liqueur

St Germain, a delicious French liqueur scented with elderflowers, is a new discovery for me, but I am already a huge fan. I learned about it from friends in Paris who explained that when combined with champagne, St Germain adds an amazing fresh, floral note to a glass of bubbly. St Germain (that’s the brand name) comes in tall, sleek bottles and is available on this side of the Atlantic too. I had no trouble finding it in my local spirits store. My large bottle was about $37, but small nip-size ones are sometimes available and cost less. Since May is definitely a month of celebrations—graduations, Mother’s Day, spring Continue reading