Comfort Food to Comfort a Friend

Barbecued Roasted Beef Short Ribs 1My friend Maddy and I agreed that the best way to comfort a dear friend who had recently lost her mother after a long illness was to invite her and her husband for a home cooked meal. We debated the menu over several emails, but then it hit us. What we needed to serve was cold weather comfort food. When I mentioned barbecued short ribs served with creamy mashed potatoes and a cole slaw with capers and scallions, my fellow host jumped on the idea. She pointed out that our friend was from the South and loved barbecued fare.

If you’ve never roasted short ribs, you’ll discover, that this inexpensive cut takes to slow oven cooking naturally with mouthwatering results. In the following recipe, these ribs are rubbed with an assertive blend of brown sugar, smoked paprika, and other robust spices, then browned and simmered in a barbecue sauce, which conveniently cooks along with them. When done, the meat is fork-tender and bursting with smoky, sweet, and tart flavors. An added bonus is that these ribs improve in flavor when made ahead and reheated. Continue reading

Easy Barbecued Salmon on the Grill for the Holiday Weekend!

Barbecued Salmon with a Mahogany Glaze 1Although the weather forecasters in our New England town are predicting rain during much of the long Memorial Day weekend, that’s not going to stop me from pulling out the grill. If I have to cook under an umbrella, I’m determined to kick off the unofficial beginning of summer with some delectable barbecued fare. In fact, I’ve already planned the menu. Barbecued Salmon Fillets with a Mahogany Glaze, a long-time favorite recipe, will be the centerpiece of our grilled meal, accompanied by sides of creamy cole slaw and fresh asparagus sprinkled with some fleur de sel.

A simple marinade made with only four ingredients–dark molasses, soy sauce, fresh chopped ginger, and lime juice– turns these salmon fillets into something extra special. While the fish is marinating for an hour or more, some of the marinade is transferred to a saucepan and quickly reduced to a rich, dark syrupy glaze. Continue reading

Corky’s Barbecue, Memphis, TN

I grew up in Memphis, considered by many to be the barbecue capital of the South. My husband, a fellow Southerner, raised in nearby Alabama, is as crazy about pulled pork barbecue and ribs as I am. So, for his birthday last month, I organized a party for a few friends and picked up the phone to call Corky’s, the 28-year old barbecue restaurant that has been voted #1 in Memphis more than 22 times! You can order online or call, but either way, you’ll discover an array of products. I always opt for the six one-pound packages of pulled pork that cost $99 (including shipping) and feed 18 to 20. Continue reading

Four-Hour Roasted Pork Shoulder for Pulled Pork Sandwiches

I grew up in the American South where pulled pork barbecue sandwiches were at the top of the food pyramid. My parents thought nothing of driving well over an hour to indulge in the best pulled pork in the region. The pork featured here could easily rival those of my youth. A boneless shoulder is rubbed with a handful of seasonings, then roasted slow and low until it is so tender it can be “pulled” apart with table forks. When ready to serve, you mound the pork atop soft hamburger buns, then slather on the simple homemade barbecue sauce.

Continue reading