Perfect Little Roasted Grape and Goat Cheese Toasts for Autumn Gatherings

Fall finally seems to be touching down in New England with the arrival of cooler weather and shorter days. Since I love to cook seasonally, I’ve been adding autumn staples to my grocery cart. Grapes, apples, and pears from the produce aisles and local kielbasa sausages and fresh pork roasts from the meat counter have been frequent choices. I also love to stock up on delicious cider from nearby farms.

An appetizer of roasted grapes and goat cheese on toasted baguette slices is a dish I’ve prepared and served three times during these early days of the Continue reading

Roasted Grapes Make Delectable Fall Appetizers

Roasted Grape and Goat Cheese Toasts 2 2736x3648Last week I wrote about the delicious overnight oats we enjoyed at our hotel on Nantucket, but that wasn’t the only culinary inspiration the island sparked. I was also taken with some unusual appetizers prepared with baguette slices spread with cream cheese and topped with roasted red grapes and sunflower seeds.

At home I couldn’t wait to make these little treats in my own kitchen. I tried several cheeses, and settled on some snowy white chèvre to replace the cream cheese in the original version. And, toasted walnuts were just as good as sunflower seeds.

Roasting the grapes was a breeze. You coat them with olive oil, pop them in the oven for Continue reading