A Simple Yet Delicious Soup for Thanksgiving

Although my husband and I have hosted many Thanksgivings for our family, this year we will be celebrating at our son’s home in the Boston suburbs. (Our grandson, a talented defensive linebacker, is scheduled to play in his high school’s annual football match held on Thanksgiving morning.) My son, Mike, and I have been coordinating the menu. He’s in charge of the turkey and plans to brine and then smoke it slowly for several hours. I’ll bring Southern cornbread dressing, cranberry chutney, and haricots verts with caramelized shallots. I’m also planning to include a creamy potato, leek, and Savoy cabbage soup, which I’ve made several Continue reading

A Thirty-Minute Supper for the Chilly Beginning of Spring

Grilled Sausages, Savoy Cabbage and Bacon, Apples with Caraway SeedsLooking at my calendar I notice that this is the first day of spring, but peering out my window I view mounds of snow in our yard while the thermometer hovers in the 40s. So, as much as I am ready for a seasonal change, it’s still cold here in New England, and I’m craving foods to stave off the chill.

Grilled sausages served with pan-sautéed cabbage and bacon plus apple wedges sautéed in butter with caraway seeds is just the sort of no-fuss menu I love in this blustery weather. For the sausages choose a favorite cooked one (I always opt for kielbasa) and slice it into 3- to 4- inch lengths before grilling in a stove top grill pan or skillet until lightly charred. The two side dishes featured here, though, are the real stars of this meal. Each calls for only three primary ingredients and takes only minutes to prep and cook. Continue reading